What is domestic abuse?

September 2016

Domestic Abuse is not just physical abuse. It is also about emotional and psychological abuse and can also include coercive behaviour and isolating people as well as financial abuse.

Men as well as women are victims of domestic abuse

Controlling behaviour includes any act designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating then from their sources of support (i.e. family and friends); depriving them of the means of needed for independence and regulating their everyday behaviour.

Coercive behaviour is a pattern of acts, including assaults, threats, humiliation and intimidation that is used to frighten, harm or punish the victim.

Physical Abuse can include being kicked, punched, slapped, chocked, bitten, being hit or threatened with any ‘weapon’ or implement.

Verbal Abuse can include yelling or shouting; being humiliated (in private or public); being made fun of; being laughed at, being teased.

Threatening behaviour
can include threats to harm you, family members, pets, telling the police that you are the abuser, threats to remove the children, threats to use weapons to harm you, threats that other people will harm you.

Emotional and psychological abuse can include intimidation, withholding affection, turning people against you , being put down, stalking, using social media to intimidate you ; withholding money from you, sexual harassment, forcing sex on you (including rape), making false allegations about you to others.

Domestic Abuse is often subjective but we can advise you about this and help you to gain protection.

Contact us at Warren’s Family Law where we have a specialist team to help and protect you from your abuser.

Debbie Smith, Senior Solicitor and Mediator
Warren’s Law & Advocacy

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